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Learn About Milton's Active Projects

The Town of Milton is constantly improving to become a safer, more productive, and more vibrant community. Here are some of the new and exciting projects in Milton that will have a positive impact on our community.

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The Town of Milton is actively engaged in a project called the Milton Education Village (MEV), with the goal of bringing a university campus to Milton. Establishing post-secondary education in Milton is a priority approved in the Destiny Milton strategic plan.

The MEV will be a comprehensively planned, 400-acre integrated neighbourhood that will include a number of key features.

Milton Education Village

Milton Education Village students at work


The Milton Education Village (MEV) Innovation Centre provides an ecosystem for technology intensive businesses in the manufacturing and production industries. The centre offers flexible working spaces, services and amenities to provide technology companies a dynamic place to work, meet, share ideas, and grow.

The Centre is an initiative dedicated to enabling an entrepreneurial culture for business growth, start-up, incubation, intersection for innovation, education and training.

Milton Education Village Innovation Centre Ontario

Derry Greens Business Park site plan


Derry Green Corporate Business Park (Business Park II) is the second of Milton's two planned employment areas that is being implemented as part of the Halton Urban Structure Plan (HUSP). The Park Secondary Plan Area is located in the Milton Urban Expansion Area, east of the Bristol Survey.

Derry Green will accommodate the majority of the Town's employment growth to the year 2021 and is a key business park for Milton and Ontario.

Business Park II - Derry Green Business Park

Boyne Residential Area decrative image


The Boyne Survey Secondary Plan Area is the third of Milton's three residential growth areas within the current Urban Expansion Area, being implemented as part of the Halton Urban Structure Plan (HUSP) to accommodate growth to the year 2021. The Area is located in the Milton Urban Expansion Area, south of the existing Bristol Survey and Sherwood Survey Secondary Plan Areas.

This Secondary Plan Area is planned to accommodate an additional 50,000 residents when fully developed.

Boyne Survey - Residential Phase 3

Destiny Milton 3 cover


Destiny Milton 3 is the broad vision for Milton, setting priorities for Milton's quality of life and service delivery.

Destiny Milton 3, is on and confirms priorities for the next four years (2015-2018) for this term of Milton Council and beyond. This will help ensure departmental work plans and municipal budget priorities are aligned with the right vision and strategic directions for the Town.

Destiny Milton 3
Destiny Milton 3 PDF

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