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Check Out What Businesses Have To Say About Milton

Find out why companies are proud to call Milton home and how Milton Makes it Happen! Here’s a compilation of some of the testimonials we have received.

Wilcox Bodies Limited had a home in Mississauga for 46 years.  We moved to Milton in February 2008.  We needed to move because we out grew our old facility.  We became too busy and in order to continue meeting our customers' demands we needed to move to a larger location.  We decided to look into Milton because it is a growing community with promising opportunities for us as well as our customers.  We purchased our 32,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility located on McGeachie Drive.  Perfect location as it is close to the 401 highway and made an easy transition for our customers as well as our employees.

Albert Ribeiro (Sales and Marketing Manager - Wilcox Bodies Limited) Wilcox Profile
The Milton Region was chosen over others for a variety of reasons.  The most important criteria in our evaluation process was its geographic location.  It is located in the west area of the GTA which has proven to be the greatest area for business growth.  Our company needs the use of the Provincial Highway System and Milton is conveniently located on Hwy 401.  From here, we can easily access the ports to the USA of both Detroit and Buffalo, and perform our services most effectively.  Milton has a very young demographic which is important to our company as we continue to grow.  The labour pool is educated and many are choosing to work close to home so finding the right talent has not been difficult.  We needed a large tract of land and we found the pricing to be at that time 50% less than the other areas in our study. Frank Prosia (President - Transpro Freight Systems Ltd.) Transpro Profile

Milton was a natural choice for us because of its easy access to the 401 corridor and close proximity to the GTA market as well as access to rail. Milton offered good value for our investment and convenient access to a skilled labour force.

Vicky Fraser (Distribution Operations Manager - Whirlpool Corporation) Whirlpool Profile
We picked Milton for several reasons, a few of which are: the cost of land was economical geographically Milton was a good location. Our distribution analysis showed that Milton put us in good proximity to all major Ontario highways. Lisa MacNeil (Director of Marketing - Gordon Food Service) Gordon Profile
Chris Crozier

Recognizing this area's tremendous growth potential and increasing demand for local Milton-based engineering solutions, Crozier & Associates knew that opening a branch office in Milton was the right move.  The fact that Christopher Crozier, Principal of C.F. Crozier & Associates, was raised in Milton, made the decision that much more appealing.

Equally as important to our expansion is the exceptionally skilled labour market in Milton, which ranks amongst the highest educated communities in Canada, as well as access to broad complimentary services to support our business.

Milton is an engaged, forward-looking community as the crossroads of growth and exactly where we want to be.

Christopher F. Crozier (Principal - C.F. Crozier & Associates Inc., Consulting Engineers) C.F. Crozier & Associates Profile

Milton was a strategic choice for Roxul back in 1988 when we established for our North American headquarters here.  It offered both the proximity and efficient 401 access to the raw materials we required for our production process.  Our Milton base also situated us squarely in a region of strong, sustained growth and demand for our planet-friendly insulation, including ready access to the US.  Those same factors, along with a highly skilled labour pool and progressive municipal government, ensured our decison to make a significant investment to expand our operations here in 2009.

Trent Ogilvie (President - Roxul Inc.)

We moved from Mississauga to Milton for two main reasons.  First the proximity to the 401 as the major transportation corridor in the area, this is important for us to move our product in and out of our facility.  Second was the availability of a suitable space for our operation at a competitive price and the facilities being built in the Milton area certainly met those criteria.

Jim Dinkel (Commercial Manager - TACO Canada Ltd.) Taco Profile

Central location since our head office is in Kitchener and we have another manufacturing plant in Toronto. Dare Foods Milton Plant has been in operation since 1988 and manufactures confectionery products. It is one of 7 Dare Foods plants that operate in Ontario, Quebec and the USA.

Lynne Hill (Plant Manager - Dare Foods Limited)

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